Welcome to J-LINK, the "Jewish Lawyers Information NetworK" the center of pro bono legal services for the Orthodox community.
J-LINK is dedicated to enhancing the provision of quality pro-bono services to the Jewish community by harnessing the growing population of Orthodox Jewish attorneys and law students. J-LINK volunteers are "linked" by their unified sense of community and responsibility to provide high-quality legal services and advice nationwide free of charge or a reduced fee. In addition to volunteer legal work, J-LINK attorneys stand ready to mentor their colleagues in need of assistance. Finally, J-LINK provides a forum for like-minded individuals to engage in meaningful dialogue and discussion of legal issues facing our community and Halachik issues relating to the practice of law.
Want to be volunteer?
J-LINK is constantly seeking law students, newly admitted and seasoned attorneys to volunteer for projects and to act as mentors.
Need Lawyer's Pro-Bono Work?
If you or your organization is in need of pro-bono assistance please visit our contacts page